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2011-2014 CAANH's Multi Year Report

2007-2010 CAANH's Multi Year Report


 CAANH NEWSLETTER (Vol. 8, Issue 2)

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Energy Assistance Income Guidelines

2011 - 2014 CAANH Multi-Year Report

2007 - 2010 CAANH Multi-Year Report

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Our Mission

CAANH offers pathways to prosperity to those in poverty in the Greater New Haven area through: Service - Collaboration - Advocacy - Knowledge Generation.

Service – CAANH will continue to provide energy, emergency, food, diaper, weatherization, and medical transportation assistance to low income families and households.

Collaboration - The impact of CAANH’s initiatives have been greatly enhanced through its many collaborative partnerships. In the future the Agency will also focus upon establishing partnerships designed to empower individuals to take advantage of opportunities to move out of poverty.

Advocacy – CAANH will encourage low-income individuals to inform their elected officials of their position on poverty related issues, will develop public policy positions on these issues and inform local elected officials of CAANH’s position on these issues.

Knowledge Generation – CAANH will support and collaborate with research institutions and other entities to obtain more in-depth knowledge about poverty and in determining the most successful strategies for leading people out of poverty.