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2011-2014 CAANH's Multi Year Report

2007-2010 CAANH's Multi Year Report


 CAANH NEWSLETTER (Vol. 8, Issue 2)

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Energy Assistance Income Guidelines

2011 - 2014 CAANH Multi-Year Report

2007 - 2010 CAANH Multi-Year Report

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Join us for the Walk & Activity Day

on April 22, 2017

 CAANH STAFF welcomed businesses in the area on Thursday, March 20th for a wine and cheese networking event.  Representatives from 15 businesses met each other and also learned about the programs and services at the Community Action Agency of New Haven.

 CONGRATULATIONS to CAANH's Melody Vasquez, honored Saturday, January 25, 2014 by ConnCat, for her work as a successful community partner. Two of Melody's 'Passport for Prosperity' referrals graduated from ConnCat!

Melody received the first ConnCat Commitment Award for her success with implementing CAANH's and ConnCat's Passport partnership. Melody (right) is pictured with ConnCat's Career Pathways Manager, Odell Montgomery Cooper receiving her award.

Fighting poverty is one person at a time!



 CAANH employees wore orange to commemorate SEPTEMBER as

Action Hunger Month

Employees donated food to boost the Open Choice Food Pantry reserves

   Community Action Agency joined forces with Whalley Avenue Special Services District (WASSD) beautifying our neighborhood!!   Peter Dodge, owner of Edge of the Woods Health Store led the volunteers in June to produce beautiful barrels of colorful plants up and down the Whalley Avenue corridor by August!!  

CAANH's very popular 'Surfing With Seniors' program teaches Mature Adults how to learn to use the web, and set up and access e-mails.  Some students even set up Facebook to better communicate with friends and family at a far.

What's our secret for success?

Our kind and patient tachers students report!



CAAHN employees suit up for the BIG day, and turned out in large numbers to man booths,set up and break down to support 


          ChiliFest 2013- September 21st! 


Check out ALL the pictures from the ChiliFest on our Facebook page at 'Community Action Agency of New Haven'

 New Haven's supportive and beloved Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro between Amos Smith, President and CEO of CAANH and Sharon Willard (with the red hat) Chairperson of the ChiliFest           
   Every year CAANH employees celebrate DIVERSITY DAY, choosing countries throughout the world and sharing their culture and foods with the rest of the staff.  This year's countries included:  Greece, Egypt, Peru, Barbados, Australia, Turkey.   The presentations culminated with a luncheon featuring the international cuisine from the countries.  



 President and CEO of the Connecticut Health Foundation, Pat Baker (right) seen here with former Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders MD, was the keynote speaker for the Diversity Day Luncheon speaking on Diversity and Health Equity to CAANH employees.




 CAANH rolled out our Pilot Program for Mature Adults -  It was a summer camp experience with field trips and special weekly events.  One of the favorite trips was to Jobs Corp where we learned to make healthy snacks, and later enjoyed   eating them!!                                                



CAANH Staff came together one weekend to participate in a food collection for our Open Choice Food Pantry!   Staff separated donated non-perishable goods and stocked the pantry shelves!



Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) 

CAANH staff members and community residents, volunteered their time evenings and weekends throughout tax season doing tax returns for the community free of charge,  as participants of the VITA program.



Amos Smith, President and CEO of CAANH at the United Nations in New York City

        Amos And Toni Harp

 Amos and Toni Harp, Mayoral Candidate

                    Summer 2013

Flechas Festival, Saturday July 20, 2013

Edwin Martinez, CAANH Board member    

Co-Chaired the event


     Flechas Festival